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Why now? Why Not!

Why now?  Why Not!

Brr, the weather is getting chillier and we’ve already had a glimpse of what winter will bring –ice, sleet, and snow! Inclement weather doesn’t need to put a damper on your ability to remain active and enjoy life. Imagine a carefree lifestyle with all the perks a move to a senior living community has to offer.

No more maintenance. No more shoveling. No more salting. No more worrying if the furnace will be on the fritz or whether the oil is getting low. And, housekeeping is included too. Woohoo! 

Stay active. The weather outside might be frightful, but that won’t keep you from having places to go and things to do! With a plethora of activities and wellness classes, you’ll combat the winter blues by strengthening your mind and body. 

Make new friends. Short days and long nights mean that most seniors don’t get out as much during the winter months. Loneliness and feelings of isolation are common. However, in a community of like-minded peers, you’re bound to make a friend or two…or three. 

Improve your eating habits. Over the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, diet plans seem to go into hibernation. At senior living communities, you can take advantage of three delicious meals per day, prepared by award-winning chefs. Your meal choices give you access to high-quality ingredients and nutritious meal combinations. Plus, meals can be tailored to fit most special dietary needs. 

Don’t wait! With all the holiday events and opportunities to gather, NOW is the perfect time to make the move. Let the struggle of chipping ice off the sidewalks be a thing of the past, contact us today and enjoy a carefree lifestyle all year long. The benefits of moving to a senior community don’t stop once winter is over.



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