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Creative Gift Ideas for Seniors

Creative Gift Ideas for Seniors

Finding the perfect gift during the holidays can turn into a daunting task, especially when your senior family member insists they don't need anything. Instead of relying on the practical gift-giving of sweaters, undershirts, and socks, consider getting creative with these five thoughtful gift ideas:

Make an affirmation jar. This gift can be helpful to your aging loved one when he or she needs a little emotional support or encouragement. Choose a large-sized jar that you can decorate and then fill it with all of your handwritten expressions of gratitude, happy memories, small trinkets, and more.

Make a one-of-a-kind musical playlist. You can burn a CD or download tunes to an MP3 player—whatever device your loved one can easily manage. The playlist should feature their favorite songs and hymns. Music is also beneficial to those living with Alzheimer's disease. Studies have shown they can process music, which makes it a useful tool in the treatment of memory care. Through music, you can make a special reconnection with your aging family member.

Make a personal photo book. Help your relative reminisce through images from the past and present. You can be as creative as you want by adding pressed flowers, stickers, stamps, ribbons, and photo captions.

Make a favorite recipe. If Dad was well-known for his chocolate chip cookies, bake him a dozen using his famous recipe. Or, if cooking or baking isn't your forte, put together a basket full of your loved one's favorite sweet and savory snacks.

Make time. It's a gift money can't buy! Your aging family member would enjoy your company more than anything, especially around the holidays. Plan a day together: go to lunch and a movie or take a ceramics class. If you're struggling with ideas, ask your loved one to create a bucket list, and then help him or her complete it.

In some cases, a move to a senior community could be a wonderful gift to your senior family member. Our communities provide award-winning services in independent living, personal care and memory care, which include daily nutritious meals, wellness programs, and social events. Contact us to learn more or to talk about ways to begin this conversation with your loved one.

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